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What Is Plagiarism?  

The act of which stealing information in its form and copying it and taking credit for the information you didn’t made. Plagiarism is considered to be some sort of act of fraud. There are many forms of plagiarism that are quite arguable if it actually counts as plagiarism. Plagiarism can be considered quite debatable in some sentences though. It’s a little bit confusing to consider what exactly counts as plagiarism. When it comes to images, videos, music, or other contents like that it has to follow the criteria: 

  • The contents have to have permission from creator in order for the contents are allowed to be used. 
  • Music and videos are allowed to be used be used as long as it isn’t copyrighted. 
  • Making music doesn’t count only if it is performed by someone else that is the exact same music for example: music covers are considered plagiarism. 
  • Trying to recreate images, videos, music, in the exact same way or in any way.  

Many instances of plagiarism are possible to be avoided being mainly copying the URL of the source for an example. Plagiarism is very important when it comes to money since you can be sued for making money off of someone else’s work, which is the main reason why teachers don’t allow plagiarism also or course, LAZYNESS. 

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