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Electronic Arts encouraging people to buy loot-boxes according to an insider

Electronic Arts Employee leaks information about loot boxes in the upcoming new FIFA 2021.

A worker for EA has spread information about loot boxes, about the company and the recent release of FIFA 2021

An anonymous worker part of EA has told some information to CBC News from the inside of the company. The worker exposed a document from the company. The document was 54 pages long and in it, it contains a presentation featuring bullet points and information about the upcoming release of FIFA 2021.

The document provides information about a game mode that encourages players to buy loot boxes to better their gameplay or maybe increases the chance of winning, for example letting a better player to be added to their team. To add on to the document and about loot boxes, there’s a bullet point that states “We are doing everything we can to drive players there”.

Loot boxes give players the incentive to spend money to have a chance to get something good which makes Loot Boxes guilty of being similar to gampling.

The situation has led Keith Whyte, an executive director of the U.S. National Council on Problem Gaming to warn people about the situation and explain more about it.“The features of a loot box are similar to a slot machine” Said Keith Whyte. “Nothing is more attractive — and in some people, addictive — to the brain than intermittent, variable reward.”

A lot of forums are stocked to the brim with people trying to quit from this loot box addiction. There has been many problems with loot boxes and many of those problems caused people to spend money from their savings and some even are in debt because of it.

“They are driving everyone towards the casino, basically.”

Cover Image: Insider Sport

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