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The skills I have demonstrated through my work in New Media Lab

I can write well-developed and supported articles for a general audience. I can write in specific details that go in depth with the article and make it flow nice.

I can control my voice and style to write both opinion and objective journalistic styles.

(Narrative) I can use the conventions of narrative to tell an engaging story that keeps the reader’s attention. The way I write the narrative keeps the article interesting in good detail to last the life span of it.

I can generate interesting and relevant writing ideas that can find an audience and contribute significantly to topics of my own interests.

I can research and evaluate the credibility of sources, and I can present information in an original way that respects and gives credit to the work of others.

I can use a variety of online tools such as email, online word processors, social media, search engines and content management systems to communicate, research, write, and publish my work using online conventions such as hyperlinking to sources.

I can embed media to publish multimedia articles to help the reader understand where some information was received from.

I can find and select images that convey the topic and tone of my writing in a way that understands and respects copyright and fair use. I credit the creators for the images and support them as they help me convey many images because of them.

Published by Gilbert Fruitstand

I'm a writer for 8forty, enjoy my writing I guess

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