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Burnaby high school student optimistic about their second pandemic summer

Summer’s coming up and there is still a pandemic going on, what’s going to impact this summer a student thought. Another summer in quarantine? Or an excited busting out after over a year of pandemic blues? 

For these Burnaby teens looking forward to summer, the future is uncertain but looking better.

Who knows what’s going to happen this summer,” Philbert Phington said, who is a 16 year old student. “It seems the government wants everyone to be vaccinated by the summer so we can have the freedom we once had.” Philbert said. “I would be pretty happy if we were allowed to hang out with people and possibly see other family members.” exclaimed Philbert. “Well, at least the weather will be nice so biking and relaxing outside is another option.”

“Everyone’s talking about how we might be vaccinated by the summer so we can hang out with people but, we get there when we get there”

Cover Image: Wikimedia/Todd Quackenbush

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